Almarai has a strong belief in the importance of contributing to social investment efforts. We are engaged in the community through direct charitable donations and vital sponsorships of events that support social causes.

Almarai launches its 2012 philanthropic program

Almarai launched its philanthropic program for the year 2012 starting with a warmer winter for all. The program includes distribution of blankets to needy families in the cold villages of Saudi Arabia. This phase of the program will be for one month starting in Qassim and Hail region and will extend to various regions in KSA including Makkah, Madinah, Asir, Al Jouf and Tabuk.

Social Responsibility

Almarai pays great attention to the subject of social responsibility. This is clearly reflected in the Mission and Vision Statement – “to provide quality and nutritious food and beverages that enrich our consumers’ lives every day”.

Almarai’s social responsibility extends to key environment issues, including one of the key environmental issues in the region today, water scarcity. To address this, the Company has undertaken numerous initiatives to conserve water. This includes the adoption and setting up of state-of-the-art production processes and the incorporation of modern plant designs and operating systems to reduce water consumption. Almarai is also committed to importing the equivalent of alfalfa hay required for dairy exports.

Ethical values are based on transparency, respect, fairness, trust and integrity and cover all stakeholders – shareholders, employees and consumers. The objective is to ensure the sustained success of the company.

Almarai devotes considerable resources in helping to address unemployment in the Kingdom, including the offering of a wide variety of employment opportunities to all members of Saudi society. Staff development, through on the job training and education, equips the employee with the technical skills required to enable them to perform their jobs effectively and efficiently.

To equip Saudi Nationals for work in the private sector (with a specific focus on the dairy sector), Almarai has established – in conjunction with an international reputable organization – the Almarai Food Processing Academy. Successful completion of this programme will provide Saudi students with the required training, skill-set and experience to enter the food and beverage processing industry. Successful students would then have opportunities to join the Almarai workforce or to move into other job opportunities in the Saudi labour market. The academy will cater to an estimated 600 students.

Almarai is also involved in the University Students Co-operation Training programme. Summer Training is part of Almarai’s ongoing commitment throughout the Kingdom to train and assist Saudi Nationals obtain suitable employment opportunities.

The Company also supports other initiatives in the education sector. In partnership with King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology, Almarai has launched the Award for Scientific Creativity to encourage scientific research in the Kingdom. In 2010 Almarai launched a new scientific award (The Almarai Veterinarian Award) to support the veterinary profession and its drive for better livestock health and protection in the Kingdom, whilst simultaneously increasing the standing of the veterinary profession. In cooperation with the GCC’s Arab Bureau for Education, the Company has organised a Scholarship Excellence Award for students. This award was launched in 2006 and continues to encourage students in their pursuit of academic excellence throughout the GCC.

Almarai contributes to a number of social, humanitarian and national causes. Examples include contributions to the Orphan Welfare Society (Ensan), Downs Syndrome Charitable Association, Saudi Autism Organisation and the Saudi Breast Cancer Society (Zahra). Another important element of Almarai’s involvement in social and humanitarian causes is its support of an annual Group Marriage event.

Such initiatives, together with the relationships the Company has established with the different parts of GCC society, demonstrates Almarai’s proactive involvement in key social and national causes. This commitment is, and will continue to be, an integral part of Almarai’s Mission, Vision and Values.

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