With the focus on supporting community-based development, Almarai sponsors numerous conferences, forums and festivals.

Sponsoring the International Hail Rally Sponsorship

With the focus on promoting tourism and sports, Almarai supports the International Hail Rally and other events linked to the race through several activities at various locations, including museums and trade markets. In 2011, His Royal Highness Prince Saud bin Abdulmohsen bin Abdulaziz, Governor of Hail, Chairman of the High Commission for Development of Hail Region, honored Almarai for our golden sponsorship of the Hail Rally, which started in 2006.

Sponsoring the Dates Festival

Every year, Almarai sponsors the International Dates Festival in Onazah and Buraidah, recognizing the pioneering economic and social role this important event continues to play. His Royal Highness Prince Dr. Faisal bin Meshal bin Saud bin Abdulaiz, Deputy Governor of Qaseem Area, has honored Almarai for supporting these events.

Sponsoring the Annual Equestrian Race

We sponsor the Equestrian Race every year, presenting the Almarai Championship Cup along with a range of financial awards and the top prize of a high-value car. Our involvement in this event stems from our commitment to supporting the prestigious equestrian event which is an important feature of Muslim culture, making them attractive to young people.

Sponsoring the Almarai Vet Awards

The Almarai Vet Award is an annual prize honoring Saudi veterinarians. It is administered by the Saudi Veterinary Medicine Association under our full sponsorship. The Saudi Practitioner Farm Animal and Poultry Vet Award was jointly won by Dr. Salah bin Mahdous Al-Hajeri from the Agriculture Directorate in Al-Ahsa, and Dr. Mufeed Al- Khaleefah from Almarai. The Distinguished Veterinary Scientist Award went to Prof Ramadan Omar Ramadan, Professor of Surgery at the Veterinary Medicine and Animal Wealth College, King Faisal University.

Sponsoring Almarai weddings

His Royal Highness Prince Mashaal bin Majed bin Abdulaziz, Governor of Jeddah, honored Almarai for sponsoring the 11th Collective Party for 1,000 young men and women as part of the Jeddah Summer Festival, 1431 Hejri/2010. Sheikh Abdulmuhsen Al-Khaial, Chairman of the Help Youth Get Married and Family Guidance Charity, also thanked Almarai for our continued support.

Sponsoring disabled children

We believe that developing our youngsters is essential to developing a successful society. With this in mind, Almarai sponsored the Sixth Forum of the Disabled Children Society’s Girl Members in 1430/2009. The forum helps to build greater awareness about the society’s activities, its programs and messages. It also helps to foster communication between the society’s girl members. Al-Ghusn, Manager of the society’s Women’s Activities Unit added she was grateful to Almarai and its Board Chairman, His Highness Prince Sultan bin Mohammed, for the company’s unlimited support.

Sponsoring the Women’s Charitable Suhur

Last Ramadan, we again demonstrated our commitment to keeping our finger on society’s pulse by sponsoring the Women’s Charitable Suhur in the Women’s Forum Center at the King Fahd Disabled Children Care Center. Children and women participated in a memorable program featuring a documentary on the history of our society over the last 25 years and a charity auction of children’s paintings – among other highlights.

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