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Photomentaries Competition – the Beauty of the Arab World

Almarai and National Geographic Abu Dhabi have launched the 2013 (Photomentaries) photography competition under the title «Celebrate the beauty of the Arab World» in which photographers from all corners of the Arab world have through April 30, 2013 the opportunity to register their best Arab photos reflecting the beauty and culture of the Arab world.

The (Photomentaries) competition gives all photographers the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities and the winning photographer will be sent on an expenses-paid filming mission with the National Geographic team to the Galapagos Islands in addition to the winning photo being published in Arabic National Geographic.

The competition fits in to a context of Almarai’s efforts to support innovative Arab talents and shed light on them as part of our social responsibility programs and in order to celebrate Arab culture and promote photography in the Arab world, in partnership with National Geographic Abu Dhabi.

Rohit D’silva, Vice-President and General Director of National Geographic Abu Dhabi for the Middle East and North Africa said: «As an old and respected name in the region with deep roots in Arab culture, Almarai is the model company to cooperate with in this competition.»

It should be noted that the photography competition (Photomentaries) is part of National Geographic Abu Dhabi’s annual program broadcasting what famous photographers go through every Tuesday evening at 19:50 Saudi time, March 19-April 23, 2013.