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Almarai Food Baskets Feed 8,500 Needy Families

In the summer of 2012, Almarai began the first stages of its charitable program to distribute food baskets to needy families in various areas of the Kingdom in coordination with local mosques in each area, with the program now having reached 8,500 needy families.

In its first year (2012), the program covered 4,000 families in 18 governorates in the Kingdom and 60 villages where each family was given a diverse food basket with a variety of fresh Almarai products. In 2013, the program covered more than 4,500 families in the governorates of Hafr Al-Batin, Qurayyat, Taif, Mecca, Jeddah, and Medina.

Public Relations’ manager Abdulaziz bin Abdulhamid Al-Aqeel, says: «The program is based on the value of cooperation» which is one of Almarai’s principle values, through which it puts into practice its social responsibility as a national food company seeking to achieve continual development by helping needy families and strengthening the bonds of cooperation and integration between the members of society.

Al-Aqeel added that the program is focusing this year on the Al-Gharbiya region and that the team plans to deliver food baskets directly to families and that the Public Relations team will directly oversee delivery of the baskets in various regions. He emphasized that the team’s effort and perseverance are growing from year to year in order to successfully complete the program stages with the required speed and quality, beginning from supervision of basket preparation through their distribution and transport to the various regions.

Al-Aqeel stressed that the food basket program is just one of Almarai’s ambitious social programs, pointing out future plans to expand the scope of the program within the next few years to feed all regions of the Kingdom.