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Almarai Celebrating its «Managers of the Future» Graduates

Almarai celebrated the staff of the ambitious program «Managers of the Future» amidst a ceremony held at the Sahara Airport Hotel with the company’s CEO, Mr. Abdulrahman bin Abdulmuhsin Al Fadley in attendance as well as a number of the company’s leaders and its executive management. The ceremony witnessed significant interaction and positive dialogue between program staff and company management.

Mr. Abdulrahman Al Fadley, the CEO of Almarai, expressed his happiness with the satisfactory results obtained by the program, which started 50 trainees yearly and now has more than 200 employee trainees annually. He also commented that the company organizes the program annually in cooperation with most Saudi universities to attract and to train young people.

Al Fadley also said that Almarai launched the Managers of the Future program several years ago as one of the leading programs at national companies focusing on training Saudis to take leadership positions in the company, adding that the program is part of Almarai’s great investment in Saudi youth.

Almarai’s CEO stressed the necessity for trainees to show effort and perseverance at work for their own fulfillment and to ensure a better future for them.

For his part, Abdulmuhsin Al-Sabbih, speaking on behalf of the graduates of the current cycle, emphasized the program’s importance and the impact it has had on the personality of each and every one as well as its role in developing their management skills.

Sabbih said: «The program has had a positive effect on my life because it was an enriching experience that gave me the opportunity to meet and intellectually interact with a diverse group of individuals which helped me learn professional basics which in turn have helped shape my personality and way of handling the work environment.»

For his part, Abdullah Al Badr, Director General of Support Services at Almarai, said that the training and support of Saudi young people and their integration into the company’s work environment is one of the most important aspects of Almarai’s social responsibility.

He added that the Managers of the Future program provides practical skills and experiences that recent graduates are missing and that trainees in the program are given clear tasks from day one with on-the-job training and help from experienced colleagues.

Trainees also receive theoretical training from specialized managers to improve their management and leadership skills. A dedicated employee helps trainees by providing a smooth transition to the company’s work environment and offering excellent professional advice.

Trainees’ training plans last 12 months, are set by trainees’ direct managers, and include a quarterly review. During this period, trainees are treated as active members of their departments with daily and weekly tasks assigned to them like any employee on the team. During that time, their direct manager monitors trainees’ progress and hold regular meetings with them to review their performance and identify for them those aspects of their work that need improvement. At the end of the training plan, trainees are given a comprehensive evaluation and become eligible for promotion based on their competence and merit.