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The International Pediatric Nutrition Company in Kharj

The International Pediatric Nutrition Company – one Almarai’s joint ventures – hosted a Saudi press delegation including representatives of various newspapers and television channels to allow them to see the facilities and production lines of its new factory for baby formula in the city of Kharj.

The delegation inspected various manufacturing and production facilities in the factory – which Almarai has invested more than a billion Saudi Riyals in – and praised its high potential and advanced techniques which help provide the first regional baby formula product by the most modern means and which meets global specifications for child nutrition. Its production capacity is sufficient to meet the the entire demand of the local market for baby and infant formula products.

The factory entered official production in 2012 with the Almarai Enfamil and Almarai Enfagrow brands after passing all required testing of its products to ensure that they meet all local and international specifications set by the World Health Organization, the Food and Drug Administration, the Saudi Food & Drug Authority, and other regulatory bodies.

Chuck Davin, the CEO of the International Pediatric Nutrition Company, said: «The factory applies the highest international standards of quality and has recently obtained ISO 22000:2005 certification for food safety management practices and stresses the commitment of the International Pediatric Nutrition Company to quality that will allow children and infants to get local products which meet international specifications to ensure a healthy diet at the start of their lives.»

Almarai founded the International Pediatric Nutrition Company in cooperation with Mead Johnson Nutrition to unite Almarai’s famed 36 years of quality and Mead Johnson’s scientific legacy in the area of child nutrition science globally.