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Almarai officially inaugurates the poultry plant in Ha’il

Under the patronage of HRH Prince Saud bin Abdul Muhsin bin Abdulaziz, Governor of Ha’il Province, the pioneering food industry company, Almarai, launched yesterday its poultry plant in Ha’il province in an official ceremony held at the plant headquarters in Ha’il-Qassim old road. The ceremony was attended by Their Excellencies the ministers of agriculture, finance, economy and planning, and water and electricity, in addition to a number of public figures, businessmen and journalists.

“Today we are pleased for the inauguration of an industrial construction that is one of the most advanced poultry production plants in the world, with a capital of more than 5 billion Saudi riyals. Through such plant we will further our participation in the sustainable development taking place in Saudi Arabia, by the Grace of God,” said HH Prince Sultan bin Mohammed bin Saud Al Kabeer, Chairman of Almarai Board of Directors. “We in Almarai are mindful to our active participation in such process, as we seek through our business in Saudi Arabia and in the world to build the reputation of a Saudi industry that is able to compete globally,” added His Highness.

His Highness explained that the project has not overlooked the safety of the environment, adding “it allocates nearly 200 million Saudi riyals for waste treatment to guarantee the safety of our environment and will provide 3,000 jobs that will be filled by trained and qualified national cadres.”

His Highness added that the plant production capacity is 200 million birds per year, which restates Almarai unlimited and absolute commitment to offering high-quality food products that are processed in compliance with the highest standards globally, explaining that “The plant will also be an important pillar in our products as it will increase our ability to meet the needs of our local and regional customers and will boost our trust into entering new markets through which we will strengthen the importance and the distinction of the Saudi product.”

The ceremony included a guided tour during which their Highnesses and Excellencies visited the various facilities of Alyoum poultry plant, which is the most important and largest facility for poultry breeding and processing in the Kingdom and in the region as a whole, with three production lines operated by the latest technologies that have been customized exclusively for the plant.

It is expected that the plant will receive thousands of birds per day from farms, which will be processed by advanced technologies designed specifically for this project. All products undergo different stages of production of various high speeds and are controlled by food safety management system that guarantees continuous monitoring of food safety during the production process.

Almarai has recently won the Middle East Dairy Products and Supply Excellence Award and was ranked among the top 100 brands in Saudi Arabia. It is also entitled as Saudi Arabia’s leading quoted company in investor relations. Following 36 years of commitment, dedication, ongoing progress, and investment, Almarai was able to become a market leader in the GCC and the region.