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Almarai supports “Tarahum” society

The National Committee for the Care of Prisoners, Released Prisoners and their Families “Tarahum” has received a material donation from Almarai Company in form of large quantities of its products to be distributed to the needy of this social category. The support included all branches of Tarahum Society in different regions of the Kingdom and it was divided between the long lasting food products, cheese and baked goods.

Public Relations manager Abdullah Al-Otaibi said, “Such support comes in the line with the policy of the Company to diversify the programs of its social responsibilities towards the local community in which it operates”, adding that the program of supporting families of the prisoners and released prisoners, in collaboration with the Tarahum Society, began three years ago and will continue for another three years.

Al-Otaibi explained that Almarai Company puts its social contribution at the top of its priorities, in recognition of the importance of this trend and establishment of the concept of social responsibility of big companies in the Kingdom to reach an integrated system of social solidarity.