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The Ambassador of Ireland Visits Almarai

His Excellency the Ambassador of the Republic of Ireland Tony Cotter has visited Almarai Company’s facilities in Alkharj last week. His tour included one of the cattle farms and the Central Processing Plant for the production of juices, cheese and long life milk.

In the farm the Ambassador was briefed on the modern methods the Company adopted in the main milking parlors and witnessed the extent of care Almarai is giving to its cows, representing by the advanced medical care, healthy food and appropriate environment.

In the Central Processing plant, he also got acquainted on the production lines of juices and long life milk at the different stages of production up to the packaging, before transporting them to the consumer in KSA and Arab Gulf states.

Concluding his visit Mr. Cotter expressed his admiration of the advanced technology in the Central Processing Plant and praised Almarai’s manpower which made quality at the top of its priorities, as well as the role of Almarai in the promotion of food security in the Kingdom and the support and development of food industry worldwide.