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Almarai‭  ‬Receives two Delegations from Sanad hospital and king Fahad medical city

Almarai Company received at its facilities in Al-Kharj two delegations from Sanad Hospital and King Fahad Medical City including‭ ‬a number of medical and nursing team and their families‭.‬

During their visit the teams got acquainted with a number of the Company’‭ ‬facilities including‭  ‬the International Pediatric Nutrition Company‭ (‬IPNC‭) ‬plant‭, ‬one of Almarai’s companies‭, ‬which was inaugurated in2012‭, ‬with a total investment of more than one billion Saudi Riyals‭. ‬The members of the two‭ ‬teams toured the plant and were briefed on the progress of the manufacturing and production process of the infant formula under‭ ‬the trade mark‭ ‬“Nuralac”‭.‬

At the conclusion of the visit the staff of Sanad Hospital and King Fahad Medical City praised the technical and operational standard in the plant and expressed their happiness with the visit during which they got acquainted with the manufacturing process‭ ‬of the first locally-produced infant formula‭. ‬

On his part the Public Relations Manager of Almarai Abdullah Al-Otaibi has lauded the visit of the two medical teams to the facilities of the IPNC‭, ‬adding that Almarai Company and all its trademarks‭ ‬“Almarai‭, ‬Lusine‭, ‬Alyoum‭, ‬Nuralac and Nuralac Plus”‭ ‬welcomes all visitors‭, ‬specialists and non-specialists‭. ‬He said‭, ‬“You may visit the Company’s web site and make a visit request to the Company’s sites in Al-Kharj and Hail”‭.‬