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Almarai Supports Tarahum Society

Almarai Company reiterated its commitment to support the National Committee for the Care of Prisoners, Released Prisoners and their FamiliesTarahum”, through renewing the signing of the memorandum of understanding between the Company and the Committeewhich states that Almarai allocates some of its longlife products annually for the benefit of the beneficiaries of the committee’s services, in addition to supporting training and employment programs for the released prisoners and family members of the prisoners.  

The memorandum of understanding was cosigned by the Managing Director of AlmaraiMr. Abdurrahman Almohanna and Mr. Muhammad AlZahranithe Secretary General of Tarahum.  

Almohanna said that Almarai’s sponsorship of the works of the National Committee for the Care of Prisoner, Released Prisoners and their Families comes within the line of the social responsibility of the Company, which is not only limited to the financial support but goes beyond that towards a wider horizon,forming a broader spectrum of social servicesincluding training and direct employment  programs.

He added that Almarai does not regard the social responsibility as complementary to its main business and a marginal part just for show and advertisement, but a deep-rooted culture of the Company and an integral and irreplaceable part, and one of the main pillars upon which Almarai was founded in 1976.

It is noteworthy that the memorandum was first signed in 2008and the recent renewal will extend its validity for another three years.