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Almarai Veterinarian Award to Include Gulf States

Almarai Company has renewed the cooperation and partnership agreement with the Saudi Veterinary and Medical Association. As per the agreement Almarai exclusively patronizes Almarai Veterinarian Award of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states and is committed to finance the annual award amounting to SR 450,000.00.

The signatories of the agreement were Mr. Abdullah bin Muhammad Alabdalkreem on behalf of Almarai Chief Executive Officer and Dr. Ahmed Alewaimi the Chairman of Board of Directors of the Saudi Veterinary and Medical Association.

The new award came as an extension of Almarai award for Saudi veterinarian which achieved great success during the last years and attracted hundreds veterinarians and researchers and left a greatest impact on enriching the Saudi Veterinary and medical movement. The award sections for this year includes the award for the best Saudi veterinarian in five veterinary fields, the award for the best GCC veterinarians, the award for the prominent veterinary researchers, the award for prominent veterinary scientist and the award for distinguished veterinary student.

Alabdulkareem said that the award came in consistent with the overall vision adopted by the Company in support  of the various professions and enriching them within the framework of the local community, adding that Almarai has a proven track record in this field and is very keen that the activities of its social responsibilities are not a mere presence in the media, but also of a fruitful outcome that reflecting positively on the development of the country in general.

On his part Dr. Alewaimi said that the objectives of Almarai Veterinarian Award of the GCC states aim at recognizing the role of the veterinarian at the local and Gulf levels and publicizing his contributions in protecting general health of animal resources in the Kingdom as well as encouraging scientific, field and laboratory research among the veterinarians.

He lauded Almarai’s patronage of this ward and extended his great thanks to the Company management for their concern about this branch of science which has the biggest role in the protection and development of animal resources in the Kingdom.