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Delegation from World Bank visits Almarai

Last week, a delegation from the World Bank Group (WBG) visited the facilities of Almarai Company in Al-Kharj. The visit toured cow farms and the Central Processing Plant for production of juices, long-life milk, and cheeses.

The delegation consisted of Marc Sadler, Advisor in agricultural risk and markets; Alexander McPhail, Lead Water and Sanitation Specialist; and Dr. Frank Ward, Professor of Natural Resources in Agricultural Economics Department, New Mexico State University (NMSU). Abdullah Al Abdulkarim, Assistant to Almarai CEO, accompanied the delegation in the visit tour.

The delegation members expressed their admiration of the care accorded by Almarai to its cows in the farms. In the visit, the delegation saw the Hi Tech up-to-date processes adopted by Almarai on its various production lines.

Abdullah Al Abdulkarim stated that the delegation visit is part of Almarai Visits Program, which made great successes since its initiation more than a decade ago. He explained that the Company receives three visits a day at different levels.

He added that Almarai website is prepared to receive daily visit applications from schools, universities and NGOs, as well as Saudi and resident expatriate families.