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Almarai hosts Ministry of Labor and “Qaderoon” Network

Last week, Almarai Company hosted, in its industrial and agricultural facilities in Al Kharj, a delegation from the Ministry of Labor, “Qaderoon” Business Disability Network, and some business owners who wish to join the Network. This visit aims to see Almarai experience in assignment and requalification of a product line to employ those with hearing impairment.

Abdullah Al Badr, General Manager of HR and Support Services, Almarai, welcomed the Company guests. Mr. Al Badr presented some Almarai experiences in employing disabled persons. He lauded the ability and role of disabled staff in general and those with hearing disability in particular, in performing their duties, and for their seriousness and keenness to learn. Mr. Al Badr maintained that Almarai’s initiative by assigning a product line to employ a staff with hearing impairment, and Almaai’s contribution in establishing Qaderoon Network, come from its full belief in its role and social responsibility for employing and developing national human resources in general, and the disabled in particular.

On his part, Mr. Khaled Sindi, CEO of Qaderoon Network, thanked Almarai Company for adopting the principles and objectives of the Network and its full support, and for its role in devoting a product line to employment those with hearing impairment. In his remarks, he indicated that the Network seeks to adopt all plans, and act upon assisting the handicapped to include them in various work fields in the public and private sectors.

The Ministry of labor participated in this gathering with Dr. Fahad Altekhaifi, Assistant Deputy Minister for Special Programs, and Dr. Mervet Tashkandi, Advisor to the Minister. They both underscored the importance of continuous communication between the companies and their staff on one hand, and the Ministry of Labor on the other hand, and with NGOs as well. Both speakers lauded the role of Almarai in this regard.

Mr. Hamed Al-Zahrani, of the Saudi Association of Hearing Impairment, Kharj Branch, also participated in the meeting. He noted the employing those with special needs has great benefit to local communities. He explored the success story of the Association’s cooperation with Almarai, and expressed the Association’s desire to cooperate with various companies in finding jobs that match the needs of those with hearing impairment.