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Almarai launches its company store in a new attire

Almarai Company inaugurated “Almarai Store” in its new  look at the Permanent Expo Center for National Products, in Riyadh.

The store contains wide variety of Almarai product ranges including dairy products, juices, cheeses, olive oil, and bakeries in addition to a broad range of ALYOUM high-quality Poultry products.

The new opening of the store is an initiative by Almarai to display a broad spectrum of its foodstuff product ranges under one roof, in order to facilitate obtaining them with the least effort by its clients. Launching the store, Almarai also aims to establish a new culture of direct interaction between the producer and the purchaser, and to enable the customer to know all Almarai product lines, and to have close communication with the Company’s values and philosophy in processing and producing its various products.

It is worth mentioning that the store in its current style does not contradict with the company’s permanent policy of not involving in retail and focusing only on production and distribution. Almarai owns more than 5,000 vehicles that distribute the Company products daily to more than 48,000 selling outlets in Saudi Arabia and the GCC countries.