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Almarai hosts iftar celebration of Insan Society orphans

Almarai Company hosted a chartable iftar in Riyadh for the children of “Insan Charitable Society for Orphans Care” (Insan), in collaboration with Riyadh Ritz Carlton Hotel, in the attendance of some Company staff and Society workers.

The celebration included giving away gifts in kind, and purchase coupons to the thirty-three Society’s orphan children who attended the iftar. Memory photos were also taken in the hotel lobby, which is a glamorous sightseeing place in Riyadh.

In this occasion, Saleh Al Yousuf, General Manager of Insan Society said that Almarai is a pioneering company in philanthropy. He added that the Society, which cares for 40,000 male and female orphan children, is receiving continuous donations from major Saudi companies to help it do its work in the required way. He maintained that the contribution of Almarai Company has been continuing for long time.

On his part, Abdullah Alotaibi, Almarai’s Public Relations Manager, said that the role of Almarai is not limited to provision of fresh food to the local market seeking self-sufficiency; it also goes beyond to support the society via sponsoring several activities and events to build a solid national system capable of meeting the challenges of the future in confident steps. Alotaibi added that the relation between Almarai Company and Insan Society is long-standing. The Company is committed to several charitable projects with the Society including training orphans in Almarai sectors, and providing them with the skills necessary to employ them in Almarai afterwards. This project participates in achieving the Society’s objective of building the abilities of orphans and including them in the Saudi society.