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Almarai Sales Academy celebrates first batch graduation

Almarai Company celebrated graduation of the first batch of Almarai Sales Academy students. The Company’s CEO and some top managers attended the event. Fifteen students graduated in the first developmental program, extending for nine months.

Mr. Sulaiman Al-Shaya, Manager of Almarai Sales Academy (Acting), said that the academy project was designed planned and implemented with Almarai’s internal resources. The academy attract outstanding employees in the Company, in order to develop their practical and skill aspects. In its main structure, the Academy depends on expert working team for the Company to provide the students with various programs in work mechanisms, systems and policies, in addition to hiring external consultants to train staff in time management, working teams, and how to develop a working team.

On his part, Mr. Abdullah Al-Otaibi, Almarai’s PR Manager, stated that Almarai Sales Academy is part of Almarai’s plans to develop its efficiencies, because the Company is continuously acting upon upgrading the skills of its staffers though merging the scientific theory with the application on the ground. Al-Otaibi added that Almarai’s strategy of investing in both the employee and the product, makes Almarai’s name associated with the consumer’s trust in the domestic and GCC markets.