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Almarai signs cooperation agreement with SCTA

Almarai Company signed a memorandum of understanding “MOU” with the Saudi General Authority for Tourism and National Heritage “SCTA” requiring that the official and tourist delegations visit Almarai facilities as part of the programs designed by SCTA for these delegations when visiting Riyadh. Signing this MOU boosts Almarai’s  role in interaction with the government authorities to promote tourism. The MOU provides for organization of comprehensive visits for official and tourist delegations and groups to the farms and factories of Almarai Company in Al-Kharj Governorate, within the continuous Almarai visits program.

On his part, Abdullah Al Abdukarim, Assistant CEO, Almarai, underlined the importance of signing the MOU with SCTA to form interactive partnership between the government and private sectors in support of the tourism programs of the official delegations and tourist groups, it is a role to be developed to gain maximum benefit of the local potentialities. He stressed that Almarai always seeks to be a communication bridge between sectors, in effectuation of the   objectives of the continuous visit programs to Almarai facilities.

It is worth mentioning that receives three visits every day from he government and private sectors, in addition to school, NGO and family trips. Total visitors in first two quarters of 2015 touched 15,000.