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Almarai video clip on Ramadan achieves record views

The TV advertisement produced by Almarai Company in the occasion of the past month of Ramadan broke highest views in Almarai official accounts on social media websites. The video achieved unprecedented record views for this type of videos, exceeding 9,000,000 views on Youtube, 13,000,000 views on Facebook, and millions of views on other web pages, which shared the video from Almarai accounts. The video scenario is a creative embodiment of “good deeds”, focusing of the bright sides in daily interactions between people, and the effect of fasting on them. The Muslims have long repeated the statement “May Allah accept your fast, your vigil night prayer “Qiyam”, and your good deeds”. Abdullah Al-Otaibi, Almarai’s Public Relations Manager said that the Company, for several years, used to release an exceptional video artwork in the occasion of the holy month of fasting. Almarai believes in the importance of such communication media, and its aptitude to convey effective positive message to the community. Al-Otaibi added that achieving the first position among the videos devoted to such message, proves that Almarai video delivered its message.