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‘Sawayed Al-Ghad’ in Almarai training more than 570 beneficiaries

More than 570 Saudi cadres this year used ‘Sawayed Al-Ghad’ (Tomorrow’s Hands) Program to be trained and employed in the food industry. Almarai Company adopted this program under its social responsibility scheme.

Beneficiaries are the outcome of several initiatives within the education, development and training programs approved by Almarai in specialized educational and training centers like Dairy and Food Polytechnic College, Al Kharj “DFP”. Each year, hundreds of high school graduates enroll In DFP to be qualified in dairy and food industry sector. ‘Managers of the future’ Program also qualifies university and college graduates to work at Almarai Company, through on-the-job training as a component in social responsibility scheme, which attracts Saudi youth to marketplace. Moreover, Almarai Sales Academy acts upon developing the Company staff by training them in-service for nine months in selling skills to develop theoretical background and practical aspects. Furthermore, Almarai Driving School in Al Kharj trains and qualifies heavy vehicle drivers to work in the Company, to be self-sufficient with Saudi citizens in operation and driving Almarai vehicle fleet, the biggest in the Middle East.

It is noteworthy that Almarai launched ‘Sawayed Al-Ghad’ (Tomorrow’s Hands) Program in 2014 to boost its social responsibility activities, by making education and training of Saudi youth fundamental in its current and future plans.