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President for Bakeries Sector and GM, HR in Almarai

Almarai Company announced several new appointments within the framework of its developments plans, and in extension to its approach to enable young national leaders. Mr. Abdullah bin Nasser Al-Bader has been appointed General Manager for Bakeries Sector in the Company. Mr. Faisal Marzouq Al-Fahadi has been nominated for General Manager for Human Resources and Support Services in Almarai.

Abdullah Al-Bader obtained MBA from University of Leicester, England. He is one of Almarai sons, who joined the Company in 2000, and followed advanced career path until he became General Manager for Human Resources and Support Services before becoming General Manager for Bakeries Sector. Faisal Al-Fahadi was inducted as Head of Administrative Affairs mid 2009 before his recent appointment. He has twenty years of experience in public administration and human resources in government and private sectors.

It is worth mentioning that Almarai Company own several trademarks that label its products to the markets. These trademarks are: “Almarai” for juices, milk, and dairy products; “Lusine” for bakeries; “Alyoum” for poultry products; and “Nuralac” for infant formulae, in addition to partnership with Chipita, Greece. In the trademark “7 Days”.