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Almarai continues charitable distribution programs in ‘Milk Week’

In concurrence with the “Milk Week” celebrated by several educational institutions in Saudi Arabia, Almarai Company renewed its philanthropic commitments with distribution of huge quantities of dairy products in some Saudi cities. Doing this, Almarai is keen to spread the culture of drinking milk between citizens and expatriates, particularly those who are in school age, which is reflected positively on building a healthy body.

Almarai’s initiative is an emphasis on its responsible rile in promoting healthy concepts, and a development of its crucial initiative in the local communities in which it works. The Company was keen to locate distribution of its dairy products in the areas and quarters inhabited by middle-class and low-income categories all over Saudi Arabia, to maximize impact of the campaign.

It is worth mentioning that Almarai is the largest vertically integrated dairy company worldwide, with more than 160,000 cows living on its farms, producing hundreds of millions of milk liters yearly.