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Almarai is on a List of Most InDemand Employers in Middle East

Almarai Company came on LinkedIn List of the 50 Most Desirable Employers in the Middle East and North Africa “MENA” region in 2015. The list included the employers mostly desired in the region based on measuring the interactive behavior of professionals upon posting their professional biodata on LinkedIn, as well as, opinion polls.

About this list, Ali Matar, Head of   MENA’s LinkedIn Talent Solutions “LTS”, said ” This list ensures that the listed companies realize how important to invest in and develop their working teams, and to provide optimal work environment for their employees. These companies include these policies in their employment strategy, thereby contributing to promoting their trademark as most sought-out employers. The companies also realize the importance of employment via social media networks”.

It is worth mentioning that Almarai is one of the biggest workplaces in the Middle East, by having more than 40,000 employees working in its various divisions. Almarai is also the biggest food producer and distributor in the Middle East.