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Almarai pays honor to its smoking-quitter staff

Almarai Company greeted its staff who quit smoking, as part of its staff awareness program aiming to stop smoking. Almarai is keen to contribute to the creation of a smoking-free local community. This bad habit pose hazards to individuals, families and entire society all alike. Abdullah Al-Otaibi, Almarai’s Public Relation Manager said, “ِAlmarai regularly launches several awareness programs for its staff at workplaces in Saudi Arabia and GCC countries”. He added that that campaign complements the company’s commitment towards its staff and society. He maintained that such initiatives create an attractive work environment for the qualified and highly skilled staff.

It is worth mentioning that Almarai Company is one of the 50 MENA best-desired employers on LinkedIn list in 2015. This list includes the most wanted companies by job seekers in the region.