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Almarai donates to “Tarahum”

Almarai Company donated a financial support to the National Committee for Prisoners, their Families and Ex-Convicts “Tarahum” branch in the Northern Frontier Province, as part of the Company’s continuous contributions to community foundations and committees.

Almarai donates to Trahum Society branches all over Saudi Arabia, pursuant to a mutual agreement signed by the two parties requiring payment of annual amounts to these branches, as part of the principles established by Almarai since its inception.

This contribution is part of the annual donation by the Company to trahum according to the agreement signed by the two parties, and requiring to provide the branches of this national committee in all Saudi regions, with the company products amounting to hundreds of thousands of Saudi Riyals to be distributed to the needy registered with Trahum.

Mr. Abdullah Al-Otaibi, Almarai’s Public Relations Manager, said that Almarai deems support of the community foundations and committees an advanced priority, because the Company well realizes that serving and working with community foundations and committees is not just a duty on businesses, it is rather a responsible sense of the role of citizenship in businesses.

Mr. Al-Otaibi added that Almarai hopes that its relations with community foundations and committees will be an example of helping impoverished segments through official channels.