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114 staff augment Saudization in food industry

Food and Dairy Polytechnic “FDP”, Al-Kharj Governorate, celebrated graduation of 114 Saudi trainees of the 4th and 5th batch in four majors, namely dairy and Food Production, Production Equipment Maintenance, Animal Production, and HVAC Maintenance.

The graduation ceremony was held on Sunday May 22nd, 2016 under the auspices of Dr. Mufarrej Saad Al-Haqbani, Minister of Labor and Social Development. The event was attended by Dr. Ahmad Fahad Al-Fehaid, Governor of the General Organization for Technical and Vocational Training “GOTVT”, Mr. Shebaili Al-Majdoua Al-Qarni, Governor of Al-Kharj Governorate, Mr. Abdullah Al-Abdulkarim, Deputy CEO of Almarai, and Ibrahim Saud Al-Oqaili, FDP Executive Manager.

On this occasion, Dr. Ahmad Al-Fehaid, GOTVT Governor, expounded that FDP is an example of GOTVT strategic partnerships with businesses to qualify national staff in order to meet the needs of Saudi labor market. Such partnerships operate specialized institutes in various industrial and technical sectors to realize Saudi Vision 2030 concerning Saudization of industries and utilization of national human capital.

Dr. Al-Fehaid added that work skills and motivation of those graduates will boost presence of national staff in industrial and technical fields. This contributes to reducing unemployment to 7% as visualized by Saudi Vision 2030. To this effect, GOTVT is acting upon reaching the target of 35 strategic partnership institutes in the coming five years.

Al-Fehaid noted that strategic partnership institutes proved effective through building strong relations with the private sector. The institutes provide proper jobs to Saudi citizens and boost their competitive potential for the jobs available in the Saudi labor market. GOTVT vision will go along with Saudi Vision 2030 in suitability of training outcomes to labor market needs. This will be achieved through offering training programs at international standards in more than 100 technical colleges and institutes to achieve the vision themes of thriving economy, vibrant society, and ambitious nation.

On his part, Mr. Abdullah Al-Abdulkarim, Almarai’s Deputy CEO, said that Almarai’s investment in establishment of such institute comes within its social responsibility. Saudization of jobs in the company is main objective; it seeks in all its short and long-term plans.

He showed that FDP aims to enable Saudi youth to work in food industry, through providing them with the technical skills necessary to qualify them to work in this vital industry after getting necessary education and training.

Meanwhile, Mr. Ibrahim Saud Al-Oqaili,  FDP Executive Manager,  said that FDP creation is the fruit of cooperation between Almarai Company, GOTVT  and Human Resources Development Fund “HRDF”, as the only specialized institute in Saudi Arabia which caters for the needs of Saudi labor markets with qualified national staff in food and dairy industry sector.

Al-Oqaili called high school graduates to contribute to Saudi   Vision 2030 of diversifying income sources, by enrollment in DFP to have the skills necessary for Saudization of technology and industries in Saudi Arabia. FDP provides the training that starts with employment for Saudi youth according to international standards. FDP helps students find suitable jobs. In the past five years, FDP succeeded in achieving 100% job stability.

It is worth mentioning that FDP is strategic partnership program between Almarai Company, and GOTVT and financed by HRD, that was established in 2009 to qualify Saudi staff in dairy and food industry fields.