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Almarai launches “Future Leaders” program

Almarai Company launched “Tomorrow’s Leaders” program recently. The program aims to attract outstanding Saudi youth. This endeavor comes within Almarai’s strive to Saudize jobs and train Saudi youth. The program has advanced selection and admission criteria, including professional tests and interviews. Based on these, best applicants are selected to join a two-year intensive training program, in accordance with high standards, in collaboration with an international experience house which is specialized in designing and operating training programs in administrative leadership.

The program contains theoretical training, and in-service according to integrated follow up and evaluation system. Upon completing the program successfully, each trainee will get ILM certificate, which is internationally recognized, and may be used as qualification to join Almarai.

Faisal Marzouq Al-Fahadi, General Manger, HR and Support Services, Almarai maintained that Almarai’s “Tomorrow’s Leaders” program is a major initiative and investment of the company in order to Saudize food industry. Al-Fahadi explained that this initiative, together with several others, are conducted to the same end. Other initiatives include Dairy and Food Polytechnic, Al Kharj “DFP” in collaboration with GOTVT; Almarai Academy; and Almarai Center for Training Heavy Truck Drivers. Almarai also launched “Almarai Club” in association with some Saudi universities; and continuous cooperation with eternal specialized training centers. He pointed out that these centers and programs aim to build career paths according to individual training plans to boost employee development opportunities, and imparting the skills that help their promotion.  They also aim to conduct periodic reviews of regulations, policies and procedures, salaries and benefits system, and monitoring and reviewing statistics of developing, promoting and retaining Saudi staff, in order to create attracting environment.

Al-Fahadi concluded that these efforts and initiatives yielded attracting large numbers of Saudi young men and women to work in Almarai and affiliated companies in various Saudi regions and cities. Now the company retains more than 8200 male and female Saudi staff. Moreover, the company received several local and regional awards in recognition of Almarai’s efforts in Saudization of food industry.