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Almarai sponsors collective wedding in Jeddah

Almarai Company sponsored the collective wedding ceremony of 1400 young men and women at Jeddah International Exhibition and Convention Center. The mass event was organized by the Charitable Society for Marriage and Family Guidance in Jeddah Governorate.

HRH Prince Mishaal bin Majed bin Abdulaziz, Jeddah Governor, honored Almarai Company for its sponsorship of the wedding ceremony activities and their permanent presence in such occasions. Abdulrahman Al-Huwaifeth, Almarai’s Event Manager, received the honoring plaque.

Abulllah Al-Otaibi, the Public Relations Manager at Almarai, stressed that the Company’s sponsorship of such events proceeds from its social responsibility spirit towards the local communities in which it works. He stated that through these initiatives, Almarai aims to support the Saudi youth throughout Saudi Arabian regions.

Al-Otaibi congratulated the newly-weds; explaining that Almarai has many contributions to the service and support of youth inside and outside of the company. He noted that Almarai owns several trademarks placed in the markets: namely “Almarai” for juice, milk and its derivatives; “L’usine” for bakeries; ‘Alyoum” for poultry; ‘Nuralac” for infant formulae; in addition to the partnership with the Greek Company Chipita in the trademark “7Days”.