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Almarai launches “Future Leaders” program

Almarai Company launched the “Future Leaders” program, which aims to qualify young leaders to hold technical and administrative positions in the Company.

After several specialized tests, the program manager selected 30 Saudi bachelor and master degrees alumni out of 2564 applicants from various Saudi regions to participate in the program.

Faisal Al-Fahadi, Almarai’s HR and Support Services General Manager said that Almarai developed the program in collaboration with “Talent Enterprise;” the firm specialized in training and qualifying leaders. He stated that Almarai would train 30 new graduates for two years in different company sectors.

Al-Fahadi stressed that Almarai is keen to attract and employ Saudi youth and provide them with suitable job opportunities. He elucidated that the trainees selected for “Future Leaders” program were deemed Almarai staff from day 1 and received full pay while they in training.

It is worth mentioning that Almarai currently employs more than 8000 Saudi staff, in addition to several initiatives of job Saudization such as “Future Leaders” and “Almarai Academy”.

Some production lines in various Saudi regions are specified by Almarai for women’s work, and the company received several awards in this field.