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“Almarai” achieves platinum level in Nitaqat Saudization Program

Almarai and its affiliated companies achieved the platinum level in the Nitaqat Program, which aims to Saudize jobs in the Saudi private sector.

Faisal Marzouq Al Fahadi, Almarai’s General Manager of Human Resources and Support Services ”HR&SS”, expressed his pleasure with achievement. He expounded that this accomplishment is the outcome of Almarai’s board and executive management belief in the importance of Saudization, being included in the 5-year plan as a strategic goal. In addition to the experience accumulated by Almarai Company in recruitment, placing, training, qualifying and developing national workforce. Almarai launched several initiatives, actions and activities, primarily development of recruitment sources through collaboration with government, private, and charitable bodies; participation in most job events with a trained and qualified team; care for revision and updating of Almarai’s HR policies; and continuous monitoring and studying domestic labor market trends, indicators and statistics.

It is worth mentioning that more than 8500 Saudi staff is currently working in Almarai. The company owns some job Saudization initiatives such as Future Leaders “AFLP”, Great Potentials of Tomorrow “GPT”. Almarai Academy, and Dairy and Food Polytechnic “DFP” in Al Kharj. Almarai devoted some of its production lines in its factories around Saudi Arabia to women workers. The Company also was awarded some Saudization prizes locally and regionally.