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“Almarai” sponsors Annual Equestrian Race in Riyadh

On Friday, February 17, 2017, Almarai Company sponsored the Annual Equestrian Race, at King Abdulaziz Race Course, Al-Janadriya, and Riyadh.

Almarai honored the winners in the first eight race runs. Almarai’s two mega prizes were awarded to those who finished first in the ninth and tenth race runs.

Abdullah Al-Abdulkarim, Almarai’s Assistant CEO, handed over the prize of the ninth race run; SR 180,000 to sons of Mohamed Ayesh Al-Tayar, owners of the winning racehorse “Raheen”. The prize of the tenth race run; a luxurious car, was given to sons of Sulaiman Al-Fawzani, owner of the racehorse “Musharraa”.

In this connection, Mr. Al-Abdulkarim stated that Almarai’s contribution to this sports gathering shows that the company cherishes equestrian sports to have permanent presence throughout the history of this homeland.