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Almarai and Saudi Society of Paediatric, Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Nutrition (SASPGHAN) continue to support breastfeeding in the Kingdom

Almarai Baby Food Company, a subsidiary of Almarai Company signed a cooperation agreement with the Saudi Society of Paediatric, Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Nutrition (SASPGHAN) to continue their efforts in promoting breastfeeding and enhancing nutritional practices with moms and HCPs to ensure healthier future generations in the Kingdom.

The agreement was officially signed and announced in a press conference held on this occasion, attended by senior members of the paediatric society, senior executives of Almarai, the press, moms and special invitees. After careful scientific review, SASPGHAN has officially endorsed Almarai Nuralac Plus products validating they are trusted by experts in the field of paediatrics for science based formulation and quality.

Malcolm Jordan, CEO of Almarai Infant Nutrition business, added “Almarai is committed to play a leading role in bringing the Kingdom closer to self-sufficiency in infant nutrition with the first locally manufactured baby nutrition products in the region.”

Abdullah Abdulkarim, Almarai Deputy CEO, added: “At Almarai, we believe that investing in the health of future generations is our greatest mission. We’re proud to join hands with the local pediatric community in this mission”.

Dr. Muaath Al Turaiki, SASPGHAN President praised Almarai’s commitment to children’s health and nutrition in the region. “SASPGHAN recognizes Almarai’s efforts to provide the best nutritional foundation to the babies in Arab World”.

It is worth mentioning that Almarai is the first company in Saudi Arabia to manufacture world-tested and trusted infant formulas under Almarai Nura Brand. These infant nutrition products are best in class benchmarked against the best in the category adhering to the highest International Standards.