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Almarai continues support to Tarahum

Almarai continues support to “Tarahum”

Almarai Company upheld its commitment for annual contribution to the National Committee for Care of Prisoners, Released Prisoners and their Families “Tarahum”. Almarai provides Tarahum’s branches in all Saudi regions with hundreds of thousands of Almarai’s assorted products to be distributed to the beneficiary prisoners’ families registered with the National Committee’s services.   This action is effected through signing of the renewed memorandum of understanding “MOU” between the Company and the National Committee.

Abdullah Al-Otaibi, Almarai’s Public Relations Manager said that the Company placed top priority for support of the charitable societies and community committees.  Almarai fully realizes that working closely with local communities is not just a duty dictated by business activity nature; it is rather a responsible feeling of the role of citizenship in the private sector.

Al-Otaibi added that Almarai does not regard social responsibility as complementary to its core business and a marginal aspect required only for creating the media image of the company. It is, however, an aspect of the deep-rooted culture of the Company, and an integral and indispensable part, and one of the main pillars upon which Almarai was founded since its inception in 1976.