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Labor Minister confers “Safety Leader 2017” on Almarai

Ali bin Nasser Al-Ghafis, Minister of Labor and Social Development, honored Almarai Company among the winners of Safety Leaders 2017, in view of its excellence in Occupational Safety and Health “OSH” practices and having a good record of accomplishments in OSH.

The Prize of Safety Leaders is an initiative championed by the Ministry of Labor under NTP 2020. The aim is to incentivize the enterprises operating in the local market to apply OSH Standards. The Ministry’s mandate is to regulate the labor market, monitor OSH, and spread awareness to create a decent and productive work environment.

It is noteworthy that assessment of the prizewinners is based on five criteria: OSH statistics; commitment of leadership to OSH; strength and quality of corporate OHS system; reporting, notification and communication channels; and coaching and guidelines.

The Ministry of Labor identified four requirements for competing in the Safety Leaders Prize: the enterprise should be at east working in the local market for the last two consecutive years (2015-2016); minimum workforce 500 staff in 2016; working in building and construction, industry or trade sector; and being not under litigation or investigation during prize submittal and assessment periods.