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Almarai-National Geographic Competition: winner names revealed

Almarai Company and National Geographic Abu Dhabi announced at last the names of the winners in the fifth photography competition 2017 “Moments”, which was launched for the first time in 2010. This regional event aims to support and encourage young amateur photographers in the Middle East and North Africa “MENA”.

Three photographers from Egypt and Palestine won this year’s competition.  Competitors number touched 19,000 young photographers distributed on three main categories.

The Egyptian Mohamed Mahdi, 20 years old, won the “Individual Adult” Category Prize for a shot of a young boy playing with his chicken under the eyes of his family in Al-Burj old Egyptian town.

In the “Documentary” Category, the Palestinian Fatima Shabir, 19 years old, won the prize for a series of photos of a bride before her wedding day.   The photos illustrate joy, festivities, and originality of Palestinian wedding traditions.

As for the “Youth prize” category, which is added to the competition recently, it has gone to the Egyptian Barakat Khaled, 17 years old, on a photo of a group of children playing in the street.