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“Almarai” wins best brand third time in a row

Almarai Company won Ranking # 1 on YouGov’s BrandIndex Rating 2017, being the highest positively conceived Saudi company among citizens and expatriates of Saudi Arabia.  This prestigious international ranking was received for the third time in a row. The winning stresses Saudi and GCC customers’ confidence in Almarai’s trademarks and in its best corporate image built throughout the last four decades.

The remaining rankings from 2 to 10 came respectively as follows: #2 Al Baik; #3  Apple; #4 WhatsApp; #5 YouTube; #6 Apple IPhone; #7 Google; #8 Samsung; #9 Galaxy; #10 Emirates Airlines.

Officials in YouGov BrandIndex said that BrandIndex Ranking depends on how positively or negatively people mention the trademark name on media, news items, and word of mouth by family members and friends.

Abdullah Al-Otaibi, Almarai’s Public Relations Manager, said Almarai’s occupying of the top rank in this annual rating reflects the positive relation between Almarai and the consumers of its products.

Al-Otaibi added that the confidence accorded by the consumer to Almarai is the outcome of a long history of quality commitment in Almarai farms, factories, and products transport.

It is noteworthy that Almarai Company, established in 1977, is the largest vertically-integrated dairy company in the world. It was listed in the Saudi Stock exchange in 2005. It exports its products to GCC countries and some Arab states via the largest fleet in the Middle East.