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Almarai wins Investor Relations Award

Almarai Company won the Best Investor Relations Company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for 2017. The announcement was made at the 9th Annual Conference of the Middle East Investor Relations Association held in Dubai, UAE last week. In a survey conducted by Extel on investor relations, Almarai was nominated by several international, regional, and national institutions to win this prestigious award. Such award is given to the corporations, which follow the best professional practices mad implements the highest international standards in investors’ relations.

Paul-Louis Gay, Almarai’s CFO, said that both the Company and Investor Relations Department take pride in and cherish this award. He added that winning of this award is the result of continuous innovation and creativity in employing the best international professional practices in investor relations, by providing the ultra-modern technologies and gadgets that serve its investors, such as the interactive investors’ website, tablets, smart phones, as well as the interactive annual report.

It is noteworthy that Almarai Company, established in 1977, is the largest vertically-integrated dairy company in the world. It was listed in the Saudi Stock exchange in 2005. It exports its products to GCC countries and some Arab states via the largest fleet in the Middle East.