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“Almarai” sponsors Riyadh Annual Horse Racing

Almarai Company sponsored the Annual Horse Racing at King Abdulaziz Course, Janadriya, Riyadh on Friday 23/2/2018. Almarai honored the winners of the first eight rounds, while the two Almarai grand prizes were given to the ninth and tenth rounds.

Abdullah Al-Otaibi, Almarai’s Public Relations Manager, handed the grand prize of the ninth round to owner of the mare Um Al-Jawaher  amounting to SR 180,000, and the prize of the tenth round, which is a GMC to Zboun Al-Tafael stallion’s owner.

In this connection, Al-Otaibi said that Almarai’s contribution to this equestrian sport gathering underlines the company’s cherishing of horse racing sport, which is a transcending tradition in the history of Arabia.