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Ambassadors of Iraq and France visit “Almarai” plants in Al-Kharj

  1. E. Dr. Qahtan Taha Al-Janabi, Ambassador of Iraq and H. E. FrancoisGouyette, Ambassador of France to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, visited Almarai facilities at A-Kharj. The ambassadorial rounds included a cow farm, baby formulae factory, and CPP III.

The two ambassadors were apprised of the modern techniques adopted by Almarai Company and the great care accorded to cows. These included advanced veterinarian care, health feed, and congenial environment.  The dignitary visitors saw the most up-to-date equipment on the foodstuff, juices, and dairy production lines.

It is noteworthy that Almarai receives its visitors daily at its various premises in Al-Kharj and Hail to show them standards applied manufacturing and packaging its range of products. Last year, the visitors exceeded 73,000.