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Dairy and Food Polytechnic celebrates the graduation of 214 students

Dairy and Food Polytechnic “DFP” celebrated Tuesday the graduation of 214 graduates representing the 11th, 12th, and 13th   graduation classes in most needed expertise in job market.

Musaed Abdullah Al-Madi, the Governor of Al-Kharj, Abdullah Nasser Al-Bader, DFP Chairperson, Dr. Riyad Al-Alsheikh, Director General, National Center for Strategic Partnerships, and some government officials and Almarai top management. Al-Bader urged the graduates to develop their skills to climb up the career hierarchy, noting that the optimal goal is the graduate’s participation in achieving national food security.  It noteworthy that DFP is a strategic partnership program between the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation” TVTC” and Almarai Company with the support of Human Resources Development Fund “HDF”. The Polytechnic is the institute specialized in training Saudi youth in the dairy and food sector.