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“Almarai” participates in breaking the fast of 430,000

Last Thursday, Almarai Company held a fast breaking party paying a tribute to its partners in the  “Fast Breaking Campaign” and celebrating reaching more than 437,000 fasting persons served in all Saudi regions.


Almarai entered into agreements with several government, private, and charitable bodies before the advent of the holy month of Ramadan to distribute its products to the fasting persons at the mosques, public open spaces, and traffic lights. These bodies include “Ramadan Aman 8”, KFMC, Bunyan Feminine Foundation, “Children of martyrs” convoy, as well as other 130 bodies.


Abdullah Al-Otaibi, Almarai’s PR Manager, said that the company’s commitment by these annual arrangements is a confirmation of the corporate belief in social responsibility in this blessed month and a boost of the charitable activities of foundations and NGOs.


Al-Otaibi noted that the company stressed to its partners to abide by the safety of storing, transport, and delivery of the breakfast packages to beneficiaries. This includes following the traffic police instructions upon distribution of meals to road users.