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The Ministry Of Labor Ranks Almarai Within The Elite Program

In order to enhance strategic partnerships with the private sector, and to distinguish organizations that comply with the ministry’s regulations, the Ministry of Labor and Social Development launched the Elite Program. Among major companies, Almarai has been ranked within the elite program due to its adherence to classification criteria, which emphasizes the importance of staying in the platinum range for a year

“Despite the fact that Almarai embraces more than 9000 Saudis working in various sectors, we are proud to be classified within the elite companies in the localization domain,” Abdullah Nasser Al-Otaibi, Corporate Communications and Public Relations Manager at Almarai said. Al-Otaibi has also expressed his appreciation to the Ministry of Labor for honoring Almarai, and motivating companies to employ Saudis, and contribute to reducing unemployment.

“We are attracting talented Saudis, and investing in their energies through many programs, such as the cooperative training program with Saudi universities, Tamheer program, or Tomorrow’s Leaders program,” Ali Al-Qahtani, Nationalization Department Manager at Almarai said.

In 2018, Almarai was ranked the Best Employer by Forbes International Magazine. The company was also distinguished by LinkedIn as The Best Culture of Learning, and The Best Culture of Happiness in 2017. Additionally, Almarai was ranked as the Best Job Generation Company in 2014 at the CSR Forum.