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Almarai Receives 88030 Visitors in 2019

By receiving more than 88K visitors of various nationalities, the Almarai program of visiting farms and factories in 2019 was concluded by honoring Sulaiman Mansour Al Saeed, the last visitor to its facilities during the year, on Tuesday, December 31.

Via free online booking, the Almarai visits program annually receives consumers of diverse categories on free daily trips that include the company’s farms and factories in the cities of Al-Kharj and Hail. The program aims to inform consumers on the progress of production processes in the factories as well as the brilliant level of care enjoyed by Almarai’s cows on farms, and visit the interactive exhibition designed for visitors.

Almarai, which is the largest vertical integrated company for dairy in the world, had received in 2018 more than 73K visitors including children, families, school and university students.