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Almarai Holds The Fourth Golf Tournament at Nofa Resort

With the participation of 96 players from various countries, Almarai held its 4th Golf Tournament at Nofa Resort stadiums on Saturday 25-1-202. Number of media professionals interested in Golf have witnessed the honoring of the first four Tournament champions.
“In order to support a healthy lifestyle for the society’s members, Almarai is constantly interested in such diverse sporting events as a contribution to encourage initiatives that aim to enrich the quality of life,” Abdullah Nasser Al-Otaibi, Sr. Corporate Communications and Public Relations Manager at Almarai said.
“We congratulate the winners today, and we look forward to the continuity and diversity of these sporting events for years to come, in light of our partnership with Nofa Resort, which extends to more than four years,” Al-Otaibi added.
In addition to the Nofa annual Golf Tournament, Almarai has significant contributions related to sponsoring local sporting activities in the Kingdom. The company annually sponsors Equestrian tournaments, Hail’s Rally, and the Saudi National Day Golf Championship in Dirab. Likewise, the company sponsors the sports that need to be highlighted in Saudi communities such as the periodical tournaments for Squash, Taekwondo, and Badminton.