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Discovery Channel sheds light on Almarai manufacturing processes

The Discovery Channel begins tonight with a series of episodes highlighting Almarai factories production processes. Each episode will feature one different product’s manufacturing stages and provide interesting information about the product and its history of origin.

The first episode highlighted the practices of the manufacturing of Almarai’s Milk and the standards adopted. The series episodes will cover the various products provided by Almarai, from Laban, Cheese, juices, Zabadi, to bakeries and poultry. The show will also feature a special episode covering the practices Almarai follows to manufacture its Milk containers and covers, which take place inside Almarai’s Plastic Factory. Also, the sustainable operations and production of clean energy in Almarai solar farms.

“As a leading food company in the region, we manufacture our products according to international standards with high-tech machinery and production lines,” said Abdullah Nasser Al-Otaibi, Head of Corporate Communications and Public Relations at Almarai. “We invest billions of riyals in advanced production lines, some of which are fully automated.”

“There is no doubt that Discovery Channel is broadcasting a series of episodes on Almarai which will shed light on developing the manufacturing and production processes used by the company,” Alotaibi added. “This will allow viewers to get close acquaintance with the company’s standards in its manufacturing processes.”