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Almarai sponsors Darb Zubaida Convoy initiative

Almarai signed a sponsorship contract with Darb Zubaida Convoy initiative at the initiative’s Administration headquarter in Hail on Tuesday to provide support with a value of 50,000 riyals.

“We are proud in Almarai to be part of the initiative’s success as we are grateful of the impact it drives on promoting the positive image of the Nation Identity and Culture as well as national tourism”, said Abdullah bin Nasser Al-Otaibi, Head of Corporate Communications and Public Relations at Almarai.

The convoy aims to cover 320 km, starting from Al-Sheyat, northeast of Hail, and ending in Al-Baith, with 50 men and a woman on foot.

The journey is scheduled to last for 16 days with the participation of 30 riders. The initiative witnessed a great turnout, as more than 60 men and women came to participate in it, which indicates the interest of hikers and antiquities in such activities.