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Almarai Donated 8 million Saudi riyals for “Make it green” campaign

Almarai Company provided a donation of 8 million Saudi Riyals as a contribution to support the national afforestation campaign launched this year by the National Center for Vegetation Cover Development of the Ministry of Environment, Water, and Agriculture. The campaign aims to plant 10 million trees during its period, from October 2020 to April 30, 2021. This is come as part of the Ministry’s initiatives to empower The Kingdom’s vision 2030 by preserving the environment and natural resources.

The donation was given yesterday by Almarai in the headquarters of the National Center for Vegetation Development. This donation reflects Almarai’s belief in the campaign goals: developing the natural vegetation cover, reducing the effects of desertification, restoring biodiversity in natural environments, and rehabilitating degraded vegetation sites. As well as promoting positive behaviors to preserve the home environment, protect the ground, and improve the quality of life.

Abdullah Al-Otaibi, the Head of Corporate Communications and Public Relations at Almarai, mentioned: “It’s expected that Almarai direct part of its community investment to promote the enhancement of the environmental protection practices, and its effectiveness. As we believe it is consistent with the company’s values in sustainability where environmental protection is one of its three pillars.”

Al-Otaibi added: “We are pleased in Almarai to be one of the main contributors in “Make it green” campaign, and we hope that we will reach with those in charge of the campaign to plant the 10 million trees, which we believe will be a fantastic event! Especially since the trees that will be planted are of the vulnerable to extinction kind.”, Al-Otaibi added: “We believe in Almarai that the world will be a better place if we all commit to improving our daily behaviors, which is what sustainability at Almarai means.”

As part of the community investment, Almarai has supported the National Center for Wildlife Development with 3.4 million Saudi riyals in a 10-year partnership with the center to promote and protect the environment and push for better environmental practices to preserve natural habitats and enhance biodiversity.