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16,000 free products for 6 charities

As a continuation of Almarai’s charitable support program, the company has supported 6 charities with more than 16,000 products. The beneficiary associations are  Cancer Patients Care Society in Al-Madinah, Al Ber Association in Mughaira, Villages Association in Ashwaq, Al Ber Association in Sharurah, Sawab Association in Jazan, and Saay Association for Widows, Divorcees, and Prisoners’ Families care in Rabigh.

Almarai has launched its charitable support program within the institutional citizenship initiatives that aim to provide the beneficiary families with food needs in partnership with a number of charities in various regions of the Kingdom. The program offers more than half a million free products every year, and more than 300 charities and organizations have benefited from it annually.