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Almarai launches an internal campaign to vaccinate its employees against Corona

Almarai launched an internal campaign to vaccinate employees against Coronavirus at their production and manufacturing sites. The campaign cooperated with the Ministry of Health and its directorates in areas where the company’s facilities are located, such as Hail and Al-Kharj. This came as part of Almarai’s efforts to increase safety factors within the work environment.

“Through this campaign, which is carried out under the full supervision of the concerned authorities at the Ministry of Health, we aim to encourage our employees to take vaccines as part of our efforts alongside the society to returning to normal life and create a safe environment for employees, especially in our sites.”, said Fahad Al-Drees, Chief Human Resources Officer at Almarai

And he added: “I call on all employees to take the initiative and take the step. Considering that immunization is the way we can all pass safely through this critical stage in humanity’s history. We encourage all national companies to play a role and support the vaccination campaigns led by the Ministry of Health, so we can all reach a safe and immune society together”.

It is worth mentioning that Almarai was the first company in the world to obtain the pandemic readiness certificate from the American Institute for Food Safety Standards for the year 2020 as part of the company’s firm commitment to achieving the highest safety standards for its consumers and employees alike.