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Almarai participates in the national campaign for charitable work on Ihsan platform

Based on the company’s corporate citizenship program and in order to support the charitable sector’s campaigns, Almarai participated in the national campaign for charitable work by donating one million Saudi riyals through Ihsan platform. The campaign was launched on Friday the 2nd of Ramadan, at ten o’clock in the evening, with a ceremony that broadcasted through the platform’s Twitter account.

This national campaign came through Ihsan platform, as an emphasis on the importance of providing aid and assistance to the neediest cases, especially during the holy month of Ramadan. And to support the campaign and its importance, the campaign was launched with the generous support of His Majesty King Salman, may God protect him, and a number of His Royal Highnesses, princes, officials, and a number of national companies.

Ihsan platform is a national digital platform for charitable work established by a royal order that seeks to maximize the impact of the charitable sector in the Kingdom and enable it technologically by promoting the partnerships between government and private sectors. As well as raising the contribution of this sector in the gross domestic output.